Terms of Service for Tokushima Free Wi-Fi Plus

This facility provides “Tokushima Free Wi-Fi Plus” (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”), a free public wireless LAN service established in cooperation between Tokushima Public Wireless LAN Promotion Council and member organizations/private enterprises (hereinafter referred to as “Service Provider”). The Service is provided to enhance the convenience of residents and guests of Tokushima Prefecture, to promote tourism and other commercial activities, and to provide a means for communication in case of local emergencies.

The following Terms shall stipulate the conditions necessary for utilizing the Service.

Article 1 (Application of Terms)

A user of this Service must agree to the Terms of Service, and any other terms that may have been established by individual Service Providers. By using the Service, all users agree to all provisions of these Terms.

Article 2 (Use charge)

This Service shall be provided free of charge. However, when a user uses any paid service on the Internet, he/she shall pay the relevant service fees, regardless of reasons for use.

Article 3 (Service contents)

  1. This Service is provided for users of the facility. Users agree to observe all rules and respect the rights of other users of the facility.
  2. Under this Service, the Internet is made available through a wireless LAN connection that can be accessed by a user’s smartphone, tablet, or PC. However, connection procedures and available access times may differ depending on each Service Provider.
  3. The SSID for using this Service is a string of characters starting with “Tokushima_WiFi_Plus.”
  4. No encryption is provided for wireless data in order to enhance user convenience.

Article 4 (Use record)

  1. This Service shall record connection status between the Service and a user’s personal device, in order to monitor usage statistics, enhance convenience, and check for unauthorized accesses.
  2. Any records of connection status collected by the Service, as stipulated in the preceding paragraph, should not be disclosed in any form that may lead to identification of specific users. However, this provision shall not apply if such disclosure or provision of information is requested by government and/or law enforcement bodies, etc., in accordance with laws and regulations.

Article 5 (Risks associated with using public wireless LAN services)

Because this Service, provided as a public wireless LAN service, can be used by any third party, personal information, including IDs, passwords, and credit card numbers, as well as e-mail contents and other communications, may be accessed by a third party with malicious intent by intercepting radio waves. Any security measures for equipment used with this Service, including proper handling of important communications, are the sole responsibility of the user.

Article 6 (Prohibited matters)

Each user is prohibited from performing any of the following, in addition to legally prohibited acts, when using this Service:

  1. Performing any act that will hinder or disrupt provision of this Service or any use of this Service by other people;
  2. Performing any act that violates copyright laws, or any other ownership rights, of fellow users, this facility, or any third party;
  3. Performing any act that damages or may damage property or the privacy of this facility or any third party;
  4. Performing any act that does or may cause disadvantage or injury to this facility or any third party;
  5. Performing any act that is libelous or abusive to this facility or any third party;
  6. Performing any act that illegally collects or discloses information possessed by this facility or any third party;
  7. Performing any act that is, or may be deemed, offensive to public order or decency;
  8. Performing any act that does, or may, constitute, or lead to, criminal conduct;
  9. Performing any act that uses or provides computer viruses and/or other harmful programs through, or in conjunction with, this Service;
  10. Performing any act that sends, leads, or creates a large amount of e-mail to specified persons or the public to promote mail orders, multi-level marketing, business opportunities, etc.;
  11. Performing any act that does or may violate provisions of the Act on Prohibition of Unauthorized Computer Access; and
  12. Performing other acts deemed inappropriate by the facility.

Article 7 (Change, suspension, and termination of the Service)

This Service may be suspended due to malfunction, maintenance, or other reasons. This Service may be changed, suspended, or terminated without prior notification to users.

Article 8 (Indemnity)

  1. This Service shall not provide any response to individual inquiries about settings, connection, etc. of smartphones, tablets, or other devices owned by users.
  2. This Service shall not guarantee connectivity or specified connection speeds, as these are dependent on radio wave/circuit conditions.
  3. The facility and Service Provider shall not be held liable for any damage suffered by users due to use, or inability to use, this Service, or any other damages concerning this Service.
  4. There shall be no guarantees as to the Internet connection provided by this Service or any information, etc. transmitted or received through the connection.

Article 9 (Others)

The contents of these Terms of Service may be modified without obtaining consent of, or any prior notification to, users.

All users, by using the Service after modification, agree to abide by the Terms of Service.

These Terms of Service shall be governed by the laws of Japan. If any dispute arises concerning this Service or these Terms of Service, Tokushima District Court will have exclusive primary jurisdiction.

Supplementary provision

These Terms of Service shall be put into effect as of January 19, 2017.

Supplementary provision

These Terms of Service shall be put into effect as of June 2, 2017.